What is Your Opinion about Future Reunions

Dear Classmates:

The NCHS Class of 1966 is planning a 55th Reunion this year in September at various locations in Fairfield County. It is a simplified approach with a cost of $185 per person. This announcement raised the question of whether our Class of 1968 has an interest in another Reunion in 2023 for our 55th. If there is enough interest we can start planning and communicating updates. At the same same time feedback on the Class Website would also be of interest. We can continue the support into future years if there is perceived value in receiving periodic news and retaining the ability to view all the content from the 50th Reunion. Please respond to these quick questions, without a significant number of responses there is no validity to the results. 

We will share the feedback in several weeks, so take a minute right away to respond.

Your Reunion Committee




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1)   Do you have an interest in a 55th Reunion for the Class of 1968?

Yes No
Not asking if you will definitely attend, rather is this a good idea and do you support.
2)   Should the Class Creator website for the Class of 1968 continue into next year and beyond