Who Attended?

As of September 19th, these classmates have registered for the Reunion via the website. This is separate from those who have a reservation at Lakota Oaks (formerly Dolce). Send us a note if the information is inaccurate. This page will be updated frequently so you can see those friends who will be attending. Go to the tab "50th Reunion Event Registration" if you are ready to register.


Mark & Susan Aiken Alexander

Barb (Arata) Stark

Robert Benchley

Steve and Sue Benko

Joyce (Brown) and Thomas McCabe

Bonnie (Buck) & Bruce Weber

Joey Caldwell

Chris Coombs

Bob & Kathy Conroy

Jackie (Craig)  Becton & Jon Gillison

Steve Darrow

Joe & Nettie Dillon

Mike & Karen DiScala

John & Madeline Doscher

Ellen (Dwyer) Hale

Connie (Eberhart) Nehlia

Bronwyn (Edwards) & Gordon Yocum

Sharon (Ellison) and Stephen Johnson

Rick & Cindy Franco

Cynthia (Guyott) Mirbach

JoAnne (Hartley) & Jim Barnes

Becky (Shingleton) & Judd Everhart

Tory Hicks

Nat Holmes

Laurie (Hubbard) Doctor

Harry Hughes

Renee (Knapp) & Peter Collins

Jenny (King) Falls

David Kniffin

Fred & Gisela Knize

Virginia Lee and Jim Nugent

Connie (Major) Taylor

Dr. Jay & Mariah Martin

Charlie & Charm Matheson

Sarah (McElhone) & Tom Moriarty

Dawn (Maurer) & Roy Ferguson

Betsy (Mills) Willis

Eric & Cathi Norrington

Frannie Offenhauser

Jim & Carol Preusch

Joan (Randall)  & Bob Hunziker

Margo (Ready) Chabot

Jackie Ritter & Sandor Vogel

Bob & Robin Saunders

Tom & Cynthia Sawicky

Pat & Bet Smith

Ray Squiteri & Jone-lin Wang

Ann (Stillman) & Bill Wilson

Gigi (Sweet) Harper

Ginger Tippie

Eric Tobey & Denise Stevens

Jeff Tuttle

Lance & Barbara Valk

Joan (Vance) Stretch

Tom Vitti & Nancy Simpkins

Kent Wahlberg

Molly (Walker) & Bruce Burnett

Winsor & Sooz Watson

Wendy (Westland) & Gary Ayars

Chris Whitney

Sandy (Spellbrink) & David Wilson

Katie Wilson